1990s Video Overview (05/09/18)


The 1990’s: The Last Great Decade                           NAME: _________________________



  1. What genre of television became super popular in the 1990s?


  1. What country did Iraq (President Saddam Hussein) invade in August 1990?


  1. What country allowed us to have our troops there as a staging ground in our operations

against Iraq?


  1. Who offered to defend Saudi Arabia with a muslim only army? (This man’s hatred of

America was solidified with our presence in Arab nations.)


  1. How was the coverage of the Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm different from other wars?


  1. What weapon was used in Desert Storm that allowed for the destruction of a target from

thousands of miles away?


  1. How many Americans and Iraqis were killed in combat during Desert Storm?


  1. What made President George Bush’s popularity soar?


  1. What automobile was unveiled in the 1990’s that got its origins in Desert Storm?


  1. What problem could President Bush never really overcome in his presidency?


  1. What female comedian starred as the lead character in a hit series that featured a

working class family from Illinois? (Just recently re-booted!)


  1. Who won the presidency in 1992?


  1. What type of scandals plagued Bill Clinton’s presidency?


  1. A letter Bill Clinton wrote when he was 21 caused quite a stir. What were people

concerned Bill Clinton had done during the Vietnam era?


  1. What was unusual about Vanilla Ice, considering his genre of music?


  1. What Fresh Prince made his debut in the 1990s?


  1. What event happened in 1992 that sparked riots in LA?


  1. What was the name of the white truck driver assaulted during the LA Riots?


  1. How many people lost their lives in the LA Riots?


  1. What future Supreme Court Justice was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill and

was the subject of a congressional hearing?


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