1990s Slide Project (due 05/16/18)


1990’s Topic Presentation Assignment

Today’s agenda order:

  1. Pick a partner to work with on a 1990’s topic presentation. You may also go

solo and do all the work yourself.

  1. Each group will blind pick one index card with a number on it. This

number will determine the order in which we choose topics.

  1. When your group index card number is called, your group will

identify the topic you want. (You can create a topic not on the list with a reasonable explanation to me as to why you’ll want to do that topic.)


  1. Get a chromebook and begin researching your topic.
  2. Create a google slides presentation with your topic and last name

as the file name. (Ex: “Bill Clinton Presidency – Thomas/Smith)

  1. Share that presentation with me. (“Mark Sikora”)
  2. Begin a 10 slide presentation that covers the most important

aspects of your topic.

  1. Each slide should only have images or small video clips
  2. IF you choose to add some text to the slides, ONLY use bullet points.
  4. Remember to keep asking yourself the following as you prepare each slide: “What does this have to do with my topic?” “How/why is this important to my topic/1990’s?”




  1. Operation Desert Storm/Persian Gulf War
  2. Presidency of Bill Clinton (Successes/failures/biggest scandals)
  3. World Wide Web/The Internet
  4. Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement & impact
  5. Rodney King Beating/LA Riots
  6. Hurricane Andrew
  7. 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
  8. Branch Davidian Compound, Waco Texas
  9. Oklahoma City Bombing/Timothy McVeigh
  10. Somalia & American Soldiers Dragged Through the Streets
  11. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy Policy (LGBTQ history)
  12. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
  13. Reality TV
  14. The Bulls & Michael Jordan (you can just call him The GOAT)
  15. Sports Teams of the 1990s/Athletes
  16. Rap “Wars”/Battle (East Coast vs. West Coast, Biggie vs. 2Pac)
  17. Osama Bin Laden declares war on America
  18. OJ Simpson Trial/Acquittal
  19. 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia
  20. Ellen DeGeneres “comes out” on TV
  21. Dolly, The Sheep, first cloned mammal
  22. Columbine School Shooting
  23. Music of the 1990s
  24. The Y2K fear/Y2K bug


Timeline & Deadline



  1. Have your partner and topic picked and using the chromebooks/textbooks to



  1. Finishing research and piecing together your slide presentation in

preparation for your presentations.

REMINDER: No lengthy or wordy sentences in your presentation. Images should be the center of the slides…Your presentation will do the “talking”.


  1. Presentations begin. Each partner is responsible for equally participating. So,

5 slides per person makes sense, right?


  1. Presentations continued/completed. If you aren’t here to present on Thursday

or Friday, you will have to arrange to give your presentation after school on Monday or Tuesday of next week.


Grading Criteria

  1. Preparation      /20 (10 pts/day)

If you don’t share your presentation with me when you begin working (Tuesday), I cannot monitor your progress and will assume you are not working.

  1. Each of the slides contains ample amounts of information and are relevant to

the topic:             /20

  1. Presentation style of the presenters/Accuracy of info:            /20

– each group member equally participates in presenting/explaining the topic to

the class. Articulate, clear understanding of the topic, etc.

  1. Attentiveness during other presentations:            /20

If you are distracted during others presentations (on your phone,

headphones in, head down, sleeping, talking, other behaviors unbecoming)…you forfeit ALL OF THESE POINTS! (And it happens every year…don’t be the one…or two…or three.)

Total:                                /80



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