My Two Questions for Vietnam Unit (04/09/18)

There are two things that I’m not truly sure about when it comes to the Vietnam Conflict.  My questions are….


23 thoughts on “My Two Questions for Vietnam Unit (04/09/18)

  1. Trevor Boland Per 1… 1. why was the tet offensive a turning point? 2. Why did search and destroy operations not work during the vietnam war?

  2. Nathan Yahnke Per. 1 1)If the US saw that carrying so much equipment put them at a disadvantage why didn’t they make the packs lighter to even the playing field?
    2) What technologies were invented to try and help the US soldiers in the Vietnam War?

  3. Johnny Pham Period 1
    1. How effective was the Vietnamization?
    2. What was the Australian tactics in the Vietnam War?

  4. Bara Judeh Per 1… 1 Did NAV and Vietcong members believe in the same thing? 2 Why hasn’t south vietnam soldiers be mentioned as much then the american soldiers?

  5. 1. During the war how many (specifically) american soldiers died compared to the Vietnam soldiers and people 2. Did some people try to leave the country in Vietnam to head to another country for safety?

  6. Claire Sherrick. Period 7:
    1. Why haven’t we seen more images of the vietnam war? Has the government tried to restrict images from that war because of the impact they had at home?
    2. Why did it take so long for the U.S. to implement vietnamization?

  7. Justice Hardin. 7th hour.
    1) How did Vietnam manage to have such a good victory streak in the past (as they had been fighting for a thousand years)?
    2) How did Vietnam become communist?

  8. 1. Does Vietnam still have communism after the Vietnam War?
    2. How much did the United States lose when the Vietnam War was over?

  9. Shavan Patel – Period 7: 1. How were the prisoners of war in the Vietnam War treated on both sides?
    2. What was the specific way the U.S. verified which Vietnamese soldier or person was an ally or enemy?

  10. Lauren Feddersen period 7: Why did the US stop caring if countries were communists?
    Why did the US military know how much damage their poisonous weapons could do to a person?

  11. Tre Walker 7th hour
    1. why did we have to draft teenagers for the war
    2. why did we change the rule if you go to college you still have to go.

  12. Period 7- 1) What happened to Ho Chi Minh after the war? 2) How big is the tension between US and Vietnam since the war?

  13. Period 7
    1.) How did the war effect the countries around Vietnam?
    2.) What happened to reporters that went live when they were in battles?

  14. 1. How did the North Vietnamese continuously have soldiers, funding, and weapons to continue the fight against America?
    2. Did the U.S ever consider the over exertion of USSR satellite countries before fighting in Vietnam?

    Period 7

  15. 1.How did the Americans respond to Tet offense.
    2.What happened to Ho Chi Minh after the war, what did he do where he go.

  16. 1. Why did the president send so many soldiers to Vietnam.

    2. Why didn’t they send napalm down the Ho Chi Minh trial

  17. 1: How many booby-traps did you see while you were deployed in Vietnam?
    2: How difficult was it for you to hold onto yourself and your sanity during the chaos of the war?

  18. 1. How many American soilders were lost as prisoners to war, and how many of those prisoners made it back home? 2. Why did the non-communist vietnamese not want to fight to defend themselves.

  19. Emmanuel Mpay 7th
    .could they also draft immigrants living in the u.s to fight in vietnam?
    .Why can’t America face losing the war?

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