Protest Music Assignment (4/08/18)

Rockin’ the World: Student Worksheet


  1. After our discussion about “message music”, including anti-war/pro-military songs, choose 1 song from the Vietnam era (approximately 1960-1975), and evaluate it with worksheet below. It does NOT have to be a song about the war but just from the time period. It can be about the war but does not HAVE to be.  
  2. THEN, choose one song from your era (1990’s-2018) that fits the description of “message music” and evaluate it the same way.   





Mood: How does this song make you feel?  What feeling do you think the musician was trying to express?  What kind of mood does the song convey?  What about the song contributes to this mood?

What is the topic of the song?

To whom (or what audience) is the song addressed?

What were the circumstances at the time the song was released?

What is the purpose of the song?  Does the song seem to be written in response to a specific event?

What issues, problems, or events are presented in the song?  Does this song suggest any solution(s) to the issues/problems addressed?


What points of view are revealed?


What portion of the song is fact?  What part is conjecture (opinion)?

How reliable is the information in the song?

What inferences, generalizations, and conclusions based on evidence can be drawn from the song?

How effective is this song as social protest?

Do any of the events, issues, or conclusions concern America today?


Where might the group find more information about the song and its content?

How might additional information differ from the content of the song?


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