Classwork from 01/30/18


What Was the Cold War?

The Early Years

US History 652

Class Slides



  • What were the origins and developments of the Cold War?











  1. Who were the US Presidents in the early years of the Cold War?
  2.  _________ ____________ 1948-1952
  3.  _____________ __  ________________1952-1960
  4. _______________  __  _________________ 1960-1963


  1. According to the Stalin political cartoon, what was he attempting to create?  


  1. What year was the United Nations created?  What is its purpose?  Who are the permanent Security Council Members? (


  1. Define 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world nations in the context of the Cold War.


  1. What did Winston Churchill claim was being created in Eastern Europe? (Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech)
  2. What was the Truman Doctrine (1948)?


  1. What was the Marshall Plan?  How might it be seen as bribery?


  1. Where was the first battleground space of the Cold War?  What was Operation Vittles?

Hip Hughes Berlin Air Lift


  1. What was NATO (1949)?  What was the Soviet Response (1955)?


  1. What was the new reality in the world concerning nuclear weapons?  


  1. What three major government departments were created with the National Security Act (1947)?





  1. What was the importance of NSC 68?

(Now, repeat after me…) – Now listen to Bert…


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