Cold War – 1950s Culture Class Slides

Life in America after World War II class slides


US History (Sikora) Name:                                              .

1950’s/Post War America/Cold War Era Begins


Chapter 8, section 1 (pages 400-405)


  1. What was really the only thing that united America and the Soviet



  1. Describe key differences between the US and the Soviet Union.


United States Soviet Union (USSR)


  1. How did what the US and Great Britain want differ from what the

Soviet Union wanted with respect to Eastern Europe and



  1. What nations were “satellite nations” of the USSR?


  1. After the Potsdam Conference at the end of the war, Truman left

the conference believing what about the Soviet Union’s plans?


  1. What was the “Cold War?”


  1. When Winston Churchill gave a speech in Missouri, he referred to

an “iron curtain” that had descended across Europe. What did he

mean by that?


  1. Read the section “Truman Doctrine Opposes Soviet Aggression”

carefully. It’s just a couple paragraphs…dig in! After reading that, what was the Truman Doctrine (policy)?


  1. George Kennan, an American diplomat and authority on the Soviet

Union, presented the idea of containment as the American policy for dealing with communism. Explain containment.


  1. In the years following WWII, Europe was in shambles. Physical

landscape was battered, political landscape was shaky and the people were still traumatized by the war. Our Secretary of State, George Marshall devised a plan to help with that. In detail, describe how the Marshall Plan was going to address those problems.


  1. After World War II, Germany was divided into 4 zones to be

occupied by the Allied Nations (United States, Great Britain, France

and the Soviet Union). ALSO, the city of Berlin (which was in the Soviet section) was divided that was as well. So Berlin became a city divided with one side being run by democratic, capitalist countries and the other side (East Berlin) run by the Soviets. West Berlin was flourishing and prosperous and free while East Berlin was struggling and life was pretty bleak.  Think of it in terms of a movie. One side was in HD color and the other (East Berlin) was in black and white.  Stalin was determined to either get West Berlin under his control or get some other “concession” (a deal, compromise or allowance) from the West. So he started blockading West Berlin.


  1. What did that blockade to West Berlin look like?


  1. What was the American response to that blockade?


  1. What organization formed in 1949? What was NATO’s purpose?



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