Depression Era video work (12/15/17)

The Century: America’s Time Episode 4, Stormy Weather (1929-1936) Study Guide

1). What was the Bonus Army? What were its demands? How did the Bonus Army exemplify the frustration of the American people during the Great Depression?

2). The Great Depression was the most severe economic crisis in American history. What were some of the causes of the Great Depression?

3). Almost everyone in the country felt the effects of the Great Depression. How did the depression affect average Americans?

4). Even though the economy failed, many Americans blamed themselves for their unemployment and hard times. Why did so many unemployed Americans blame themselves?

5). People still went to the movies in droves despite the hard times of the depression. Why did the motion picture industry continue to thrive when most other businesses failed?

6). What was the Dust Bowl? How did it exacerbate the Great Depression?

7). Why did more Americans join the Communist Party in the 1930s than any other time?

8). Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party came to power during the German depression. Why were Hitler and Nazism so appealing to Germans in the 1930s?

9). How did Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president during the Great Depression, use radio to help restore American confidence in their government and the economy?

10). Was FDR’s New Deal radical? Why or why not?

11). What finally ended the Great Depression?

12). What is the legacy of the Great Depression?



The Century: America’s Time Episode 5, Over the Edge (1936-1941) Study Guide

1). Germany hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics. How did Hitler use the 1936 Olympics to promote his Nazi Party?

2). American Jesse Owens’ stunning victory in the 100-meter race angered Adolf Hitler. How did Owens’ victory shatter the Nazi propaganda about Aryan supremacy?

3). Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a master of the media. How did he use the media to do battle in the Great Depression? How did he use the media to rally support during World War II?

4). Discuss the impact of radio on American history and American culture in the twentieth century.

5). How did Adolf Hitler use propaganda and the media to achieve his desired goals?

6). In the late 1930s, the Nazi Party in Germany burned books. Why did they do this? How can books be considered such a threat that some might find it necessary to burn them?

7). What were the Nuremberg Laws? How did they affect the Jewish population of Germany and German-occupied states?

8). World War II was not the first time anti-Semitism reared its ugly head. Discuss the history of antiSemitism in Europe.

9). England and its Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, seemed to appease Hitler. Why did they choose this passive strategy?

10). What was Kristallnacht? What prompted this show of Nazi aggression? 11). Why did the United States refuse to let the St. Louis dock in the United States and allow its passengers to emigrate?



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