Fall Final Exam



Fall Final Exam Study Guide


What were long and short term causes of The Great War?

What event triggered the outbreak of The Great War?

Which three major nations made up the Central Powers?

What was used by the Germans to gain a comparative advantage over the British navy?

What ship sinking event almost drew America into the War (1915)?

Which President took the U.S. into WWI?

Explain the impact of the Versailles Peace Treaty.

What were the years of the War?


Why did most Americans want to avoid future wars after WWI?

What promise did Warren G. Harding run for, and win, the presidency on?


What did President Coolidge believe government’s role in business should be?

What was the Scopes trial about?

What was the Emergency Quota Act and what trend did it set?

What did the 19th amendment do?

Who are Sacco and Vanzetti, why were they convicted of murder?

What was the Harlem Renaissance? What was the Cotton Club?

What new forms of entertainment became popular during the 1920’s?

Why did the U.S. place tariffs on foreign goods in the 1920s and what were the effects on foreign demand for American goods?

How did Henry Ford’s system for making cars increase efficiency and sales?


Why did many farmers begin to see losses in their crops in the late 1920s, early 1930s?

What were the four main causes of the Great Depression?

Who were the “Bonus Marchers?”  How did they doom Herbert Hoover?

What was the name of FDR’s plan for attacking the Great Depression?

Define the “Bank Holiday” and explain why it was FDR’s first move upon attacking the Great Depression.

What were the differences between Relief, Recovery, and Reform items under FDR (give a sample piece of passed legislation for each category)?

What was the purpose of the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA)?  Why was it so controversial?

What was the purpose of the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

What was Keynesian Economic Theory?  How did it apply to why FDR intervened in the economy? How was FDR’s approach to dealing with business different from the preceding three Republican Presidents (Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover)?

Define the Neutrality Acts of 1935-1936.  Why were they declared by FDR (what were they in response to)?

Explain the actions taken by Japan in the 1930s and 1940s and the U.S.’s response to those actions.


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