Roaring 20s Slide Presentations








The 20’s Cultural Change Presentations

History 652

For this major grade assignment, your group will be responsible to create and present an overview and analysis of a significant social change in the 1920s.  Your presentation must have the following items…

  1. At least a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation that ENHANCES your information.  The slides must be easy to read and not filled with hard to read (too small and too much) text.  Please test your slides before showing them.  The best way to show it in class would be to share with me on through google drive.
  2. A written handout for each class member that explains your information, hitting on the most important items from your presentation.  I will not make copies of this for you so please plan ahead (25 in the class).
  3. A research and speaking part for all members of the group that shows that the workload has evenly distributed.  We will have regular “check ins” to make sure everyone is holding up their end of the presentation.
  4. All of the required sub-topics and areas of interest must be covered (with the most possible depth) in your presentation.
  5. There will be time in class with Chromebooks.  It is the expectation that you will maximize the time
  6. Overall your presentation needs to not only examine the (1) basic information of the topic, but also seek to find “little known” (2) material and any (3) controversy within that topic.  Lastly, there must be a piece that (4) connects the material to something from our current society.

Presentation Topics (and sub-topics)

 The Nativist Movement

  1. Sacco and Vanzetti Trial
  2. Immigration Restriction Laws
  3. Eugenics Movement
  4. Rise of the KKK


  1. Women, the New Morality, and Fundamentalisms
  2. The “Flapper” vs. traditional housewife
  3. Scopes “Monkey Trial”
  4. Prohibition “The Noble Experiment”


  1. The Arts and Cultural Changes
  2. Modern Art (painting, sculpture, etc.)
  3. Writers and their works (the Lost Generation)
  4. Popular Culture (sports, movies, radio, etc)


  1. African American Social and Political Changes
  2. The Great Migration
  3. Harlem Renaissance (writers and works)
  4. Music and theater
  5. Sports figures (Jack Johnson)
  6. Politics (NAACP vs. Black Nationalism)


  1. Presidential Politics
  2. The Harding Administration and scandals
  3. “Silent Cal” Coolidge
  4. Republican Economic Policy


  1. Rise of American Industry
  2. The assembly line and mass production
  3. Impact of the Model T on the economy and society
  4. Impact of consumerism and the Radio (products and payment)
  5. “Lucky Lindy” and the airline industry


  1. Consumer Society
  2. Easy credit
  3. Mass Advertising
  4. Middle class, “white collar” jobs
  5. Welfare Capitalism


  1. Policies of Prosperity
  2. Mellon’s “Trickle Down” Theory
  3. Hoover’s Individualism
  4. Isolationism from World Affairs (Dawes Plan, Washington Conference, four/five/nine-power treaty).
  5. Abolishing War



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