Progressivism In Action Extension (due Nov 13)

Progressivism in Action Assignment

  1.  Ideas must be emailed to and cleared by Mr. Sikora by Nov 6.

Sample (you may not do the same topic)

Progressivism in Action

Progressivism is an ideology based on the idea of progress, that advancements in all aspects of life are necessary to improve the human’s condition. Progressivism exists within the school system when students take notice of wrongdoings within the system and do their best to expose and then fix the issues. Students play a vital role in initiating change within the school system.

At Centennial High School, a wrongdoing that exists within the system can be found within the Home of the Chargers Parent/Student Handbook 2016-2017 on page 35, under the section labeled Radios/Electronic Devices/iPods/Cell phones. The policy states that “electronic devices, iPods, and cell phones are not to be used anywhere during class times. This includes, but is not limited to classrooms, gym, hallways, and the cafeteria…Use of cellular phones is prohibited during class periods.” The policy was created to prevent students from being distracted by their phones during class time and to prevent theft of electronic devices. The policy has deemed itself as ineffective because many students not only bring their devices to class but use them regularly, and teachers often don’t reprimand students for doing so.

The above policy is not good for the educational environment at Centennial High School for the following five reasons:

  1. Many students have bosses/workplaces that they need to keep in contact with throughout the day for things like scheduling interviews, getting a work schedule, etc…
  2. Parents like to be in direct contact with their kids throughout the school day in case any type of family emergency occurs, if their kid has a doctor’s appointment, etc…
  3. During class, students often need to look up information online on their phones when chromebooks aren’t available.
  4. If an attacker was to show up at CHS, a student with a cellphone could be the first person to call 911.
  5. In extreme cases, a student could be in contact with someone who is suicidal and on a particular day they may be checking in often with said friend by texting them on their phone.

The policy labeled Radios/Electronics Devices/iPods/Cell phones should be rewritten entirely. The new version of the policy would state that although bringing cell phones to school is not encouraged, it is still welcome because it is understood that students often have people they need to be in contact with throughout the school day. I would also suggest that the new policy outlines consequences for inappropriate uses of cell phones. Acts that would be considered inappropriate would be using apps such as Instagram or Snapchat during class or viewing inappropriate/pornographic content while in class. Potential consequences could range from the writing of a Detention Referral to being sent to a guidance counselor to having the phone taken away. These changes will improve the overall quality of education at Centennial because if the use of phones is moderately allowed, students will feel comfortable looking up information when needed and will feel secure knowing that they contact their parental guardians at any time deemed necessary.

The administration and staff are likely to respond to proposed changes two ways:

  1. They will dislike the changes because they believe that cell phones distract students more than they help them.
  2. They will consider the suggested changes because they understand that students bring their phones to school daily and use them regularly throughout the school day despite what the handbook says.

The administration of Centennial High School needs to understand that cell phones have a lot of potential to help students in a classroom setting. If students’ use of cellphones is healthily limited, then there can be a balance of cell phone use in the classroom setting.

Flyers and a petition will be used to get the student body of Centennial High School involved in the change. This strategy will be effective because the use of fliers presents a visual reminder to students to which they will respond. A petition will be effective because once one student signs the petition, that student will tell their friends about the petition which will encourage them to sign it too.


Petition to Allow Phones in School


On page 35 of the Home of the Chargers Parent/Student Handbook 2016-17, the policy

labeled “Radios/Electronic Devices/iPods/Cell Phones,” it is stated that

Use of cellular phones is prohibited during class periods.”

Appropriate use of cellphones is good for the classroom! Sign if you agree!






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