The West Class Slides (09/15/17)

Unit 2 study guide from Powerpoint 

The West

US History


  • The West is the area of the United States between the ______________ ______________ and the _____________ __________________.
  • What attracted the first wave of settlers to the West?




  • What is the difference between placer mining and quartz mining?




  • What was Henry Comstock’s “big strike in Nevada”?




  • Why was it common for settlements to shift from “boomtown” to “ghost town”?




  • What were Vigilance Committees (Vigilantes)?




  • Why was the sluice more efficient than panning   for precious minerals?




  • What attracted newcomers to present-day states of Colorado, North / South Dakota  and Montana?




  • How was the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle different from cattle in the East?




  • What 2 developments gave ranchers reason to round up longhorns?




  • Why do you think the destination cities at the end of the cattle trails are all located along railroad lines?




  • What was the Long Drive?




  • How did heavy investment in the cattle industry affect the industry as a whole?




  • What is the name of this assignment?
  • What geographic factors created challenges to the settlement of the Great Plains in the late 1800s?




  • What factors attracted settlers to the Great Plains?




  • What did the Homestead Act provide for settlers in the Great Plains region?




  • What kind of inventions and new farming methods revolutionized agriculture in the Great Plains region?




  • Where is the Wheat Belt region located?




  • Why did farmers fall on hard times?




  • What was the Oklahoma Land Rush?




  • In what ways were different groups of Plains Indians similar?




  • Why did settlers and Native Americans clash throughout the Great Plains region?




  • What proposal did the Indian Peace Commission present to the Plains Indians?




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