In Class Viewing (09/13/17) – The West

“America: The Story of Us – Heartland”

Video Guide

  1. What was the biggest obstacle in the way of building the transcontinental railroad?
  2. Who were the two companies that built the railroad?
  3. How does the federal government pay for the railroad?
  1. Why were Chinese workers chosen to build the railroad?


  1. What happened on May 10, 1869?
  2. Where does the railroad trigger a mass migration to?
  3. How much of America’s land is given away under the Homestead Act?
  4. List several obstacles or challenges for settlers. (Get at least 5)
  5. What happened to half the population of western Nebraska by 1892?
  6. What happens to the Great Plains?
  7. What is “green gold”?
  8. Why do so many people come from Norway to America?
  9. How many buffalo were roaming the Great Plains in the 1800’s?
  10. What new hunter arrives on the Great Plains?


  1. Why is there conflict between white people and Indians over the buffalo?


  1. How did the horse change the Indian way of life?
  2. For what purpose did the cowboy develop?
  3. Where did the Texas Longhorn come from?
  4. What invention will threaten the cowboy’s way of life?
  5. What happened to the open range?
  6. How long did the “hay day” of the cowboy on the open range last?
  7. Where do most Indians wind up living as settlers moved west?
  8. What happened to Lt. Col. George Custer and his men?
  9. What happened on December 29, 1890?
  10. How did the railroad change time?
  11. How did Richard Sears change the way Americans shopped?

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