Reparations Debate (09/05/17)

Professor Darity’s Explanation for the Reparations Program

US History

Professor Darity’s Case For Reparations

Part One

(1)  Write your general thoughts concerning the issue of reparations, citing three main items from Professor Darity’s interview.   (15 points)

(2)  Write two questions that you would like to be addressed about the debate.  (10 points)

(3)  Give your vote concerning a possible reparations program as well as three reasons for that vote. (15 points)

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Part Two

Your assignment is to use the previous link and (1) post in the comment section of this page as well as (2) give at least one response to another posting.


24 thoughts on “Reparations Debate (09/05/17)

  1. From: Apperson
    Comment: I find it interesting to see a way of reparation ,for the actions of America, to African Americans in a way that could give them a boost in life, while also angering many tax payers. Professor Darity proposes some ideas that he claims will economically create a more equal system for African Americans based off of the countless systems set against them.

    Response to YouTube Comment: Paul Whaley commented on the reparations made to Japanese Americans and Holocaust survivors. This comment is important because it poises a question. It asks shows others countries (including America) have made reparations but asks why not to African Americans.

  2. I say that people should not be given reparations. it has been to long since the slaves were around, it has been five generations. The US is also in a lot of debt and paying the reparations would just add to the debt. The slaves also has offspring who had offspring which continued and now means there are a lot more people that want reparations then number of slaves to begin with. Not all of the African Americans in the US need the money but there are some that would try and get it any way. This is why the reparations should not be paid.

      • Reparation was a necessary thing in the past. When you’re given absolutely nothing to start a new life, you are being set up to fail. Nowadays most people have something, and when your income is so low you get welfare checks and help from the government ( I think ). If we start a new reparation campaign, how will the gov decide who gets the money and where the money comes from? Is it if you are African American you get the extra help? What if you’re already rich, do you get the money? There are many problems with it, but I do think something should be done if that is reparation or not.

    • I agree with your statement about how it’s been a long time since slavery, meaning the people who would be paying today really had no say on whether or not slavery was unethical or not.

    • I definitely agree with you because there are too many people who would need to be repaid, and how to they trace those people back to their ancestors.

  3. Although I think having reparations would be helpful, I do not think it is in the best interest of America at the moment. It is very upsetting that African Americans are still struggling to get settled after slavery, but I do not believe that there is any way to make up for slavery that would be satisfactory. After all, how do you decide how much money makes up for years of human enslavement?

      • I believe it’s too late for reparations, especially because it doesn’t impact many people now. There’s nothing we can do to make up for the past; we should be focusing on a better future.
        Reply to Sarah’s comment: I completely agree with you. Nothing we can do would be satisfying anyway.
        (Sorry I posted twice, I did this on my phone and got confused with how to do it…)

  4. I think it would be good to have a limited reparations program. In history it has been hard for African Americans to achieve equality. It is fair for them to be compensated for the unpaid labor of their ancestors. It should be a limited program though since it would be hard to find where all the money is coming from. It would also be difficult to find a fair way for it to be distributed to the right people.

  5. I think feel like everything that the country is trying to do with the reparations program is to late. If this was going to be a thing, it should have been done a long time ago.

    • I think that if Lincoln wasn’t murdered, the world would be a little less racist. Reparation would have gone through and the majority of people would have the same money, same jobs, and same opportunities. Might have stopped segregation and things like that.

  6. I find that it is a good thing because it helps give back to the African Americans who had to deal with this. Even though that they are not first generation or actually have anything to do with this, their older generations do. We don’t know where all of the money would be coming from though. That’s the thing, all of the money from this would have to come from the taxes and it means that they would pretty much be paying money to give back to themselves.

    • This would help give back to them but what would giving them money change? no opinions on race would change and the money would have to come out of some where.

  7. I think that reparations should not be passed because while slavery was an awful and terrible thing, I don’t think that money to people today who weren’t alive 150 years ago is the right way to pay back for the wrongdoing of people in the past. Also the people who would be paying for the reparations weren’t even involved in slavery 150 years ago, making it unfair to them to have to pay for something they had no say in what happened.

  8. I think that reparations are not the most logical nor the most reasonable way to repay African Americans for all of the pain and suffering slavery caused. As many have said, there is no possible way to repay people for the countless lives lost during the Civil War. I think it has been too long since the Civil War for reparations to be a logical answer, because we wouldn’t know who to give the money to, and we also wouldn’t know where to get the money from. Overall, reparations are a nice idea and I like the thought that something can be done to mend the past, but at this point in time it is too unrealistic.

    • I agree, that the historical event should not be forgotten and sincerity is necessary to the topic but to repay and pay back those who suffered in such a wide range in the nation with only 10% of whites that were accountable for it would not be logical.

  9. I believe that reparations should not be followed through because it would almost cause a big uproar among individuals because they would find it unjust for them to pay back history that they were not responsible for. Considering only 10% of whites owned slaves, the program would address almost all to pay back which is not fair because so many had no part in owning slaves in their families past so with that being, it would not be able to be followed through.

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