1st Hour Final – History 652

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Part Two – Open a Google Doc, title it “Spring Final History 652”, share it immediately with Mark Sikora and Michael Dressel


For the following section of the final, you must produce original responses for the prompt.  Your responses should achieve the following requirements.  Any attempt to import a pre-written response will receive and automatic letter grade reduction.

Your responses must…

(1) be in complete sentences, (2) fully define any items in bold, (3) take a stance, and (4) fully defend your position. A final point will be given for overall quality.

Option 1 – The United States should have entered World War II in the beginning of the war, Germany invading Poland 1939 instead of the attack at Pearl Harbor (specifically explain what was in the best interests of the U.S. and how the war might turned out differently if the U.S. had entered in the beginning of the war).

Option 2 – The United States made the correct decision to forcibly place all people of Japanese descent living in the U.S. west coast during World War II.

Option 3 – World War II helped to pave the way for more equality for women and minorities within the United States, as represented by Rosie the Riveter, A. Philip Randolph, and the Code Talkers.

Option 4 – The United States did not make the correct decision to drop two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and thus should have attempted Operation Olympic.

Option 5 – The Marshall Plan was not in the best interests of the United States in dealing with the Cold War in the post WWII years.

Option 6 – The United States should have destroyed Communism in China, North Korea, and Vietnam instead of trying to containing its spread..

Option 7 – Brown v. Board of Education caused integration before people were ready for it (make sure to explain measures that had to be taken for integration).  Explain the difficulties that the country faced implementing integration in public school, using Little Rock Central as an example.

Option 8 – President Lyndon B. Johnson’s initiatives were not beneficial for the War on Poverty, especially considering his initiatives in Southeast Asia.

Option 9 – Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam’s methods for achieving civil rights goals were more effective than Martin Luther King and the SCLC.

Option 10 – The United States should not have gotten involved in the Vietnam War.  Your answer should encompass the conflict from the years of 1954-1975.

Option 11 – Muhammad Ali would have personally benefited from going to the Vietnam War when he was drafted.  You should defend or refute his refusal to be drafted and the effect on his life.

Option 12 – Watergate was not the worst political scandal in United States history.  In order to defend your position, you must compare Watergate to at least one other political scandal.

Option 13 – Reaganomics was successful considering its goals and implementation.  Focus your response on the economy of the 1970s under President Carter.

Option 14 – The 1990s was the best decade since World War II.  This answer must include not only the positive aspects of that decade but also from another decade (1950s-2000s)

Option 15 – The War on Terror is/was a bad endeavor for the United States.  Your response must allude to the 09/11/01 attacks, the Patriot Act, and one foreign engagement (ie – Iraq, Afghanistan)



7th Hour US History Final

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Code – 224969



Part Two – Open a Google Doc, title it “Spring Final History 652”, share it immediately with Mark Sikora.

For the following section of the final, you must produce original responses for the prompt.  Your responses should achieve the following requirements.  Any attempt to import a pre-written response will receive and automatic letter grade reduction.  Any other tab open on your computer will automatically lower your grade one letter.

Your THREE responses must…

(1) be in complete sentences, (2) fully define any items in bold, (3) take a stance, and (4) fully defend your position. A final point will be given for overall quality.

Essay Questions Options

Option 1 – Explain how the economic “bubble” was built in the Roaring 1920s.  Why was that “bubble” set up to burst by the end of the decade? Your answer must include three items that led to the growth and massive decline.

Option 2– How would you assess the effectiveness of Prohibition? Why did it work? Why did it fail? You must explain the goals and methods of enforcement of the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act.

Option 3 – Give four responses of the United States to the rising power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in Europe? Why did FDR make those decisions?  Your response must include the Neutrality Acts of the 1930s.

Option 4 – Give at least three expectations laid upon the United States citizenry during WWII.  Your response should include at least three different demographic categories of focus (ie – children, women, military age men) and methods used to reach each.

Option 5 – Explain the justifications given by President Truman for using the atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945.  Your answer must cover Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Operation Olympic.

Option 6 – Pick either the Greensboro Sit-Ins, the Freedom Rides, the Birmingham Riots, or the Selma marches and explain that event’s significance in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Option 7 – Explain the relationship between the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army under Ho Chi Minh as well as the difficulties that the United States faced in being successful in the Vietnam War.

Option 8Pick 2 of the following movements – Define the movement by explaining the goals and methods used, as well as major figures. Compare the way groups were treated, and what happened as a result of the movements (Civil Rights Movement, Women’s Rights Movement, LGBT Movement, Chicano Movement).

Option 9 – Explain why Watergate has been considered one of the worst political scandals in American History.  Your answer must compare it to at least one other political scandal.

Option 10 – What was the appeal of a Reagan Revolution?  Explain Reaganonomics and its success rate.  Your answer must also explain the economic situation of Jimmy Carter’s administration of the 1970s.

Option 11 – What were the circumstances and outcome of America’s entrance into Operation Desert Storm.  Your answer should include the role of Saddam Hussein and Kuwait.

Option 12 – Explain the circumstances surrounding the attack on 09/11/01.  Your response must include the build up and events in New York City and Washington D.C.  Finally, explain and evaluate America’s response to the attack.


1990s Video Overview (05/09/18)


The 1990’s: The Last Great Decade                           NAME: _________________________



  1. What genre of television became super popular in the 1990s?


  1. What country did Iraq (President Saddam Hussein) invade in August 1990?


  1. What country allowed us to have our troops there as a staging ground in our operations

against Iraq?


  1. Who offered to defend Saudi Arabia with a muslim only army? (This man’s hatred of

America was solidified with our presence in Arab nations.)


  1. How was the coverage of the Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm different from other wars?


  1. What weapon was used in Desert Storm that allowed for the destruction of a target from

thousands of miles away?


  1. How many Americans and Iraqis were killed in combat during Desert Storm?


  1. What made President George Bush’s popularity soar?


  1. What automobile was unveiled in the 1990’s that got its origins in Desert Storm?


  1. What problem could President Bush never really overcome in his presidency?


  1. What female comedian starred as the lead character in a hit series that featured a

working class family from Illinois? (Just recently re-booted!)


  1. Who won the presidency in 1992?


  1. What type of scandals plagued Bill Clinton’s presidency?


  1. A letter Bill Clinton wrote when he was 21 caused quite a stir. What were people

concerned Bill Clinton had done during the Vietnam era?


  1. What was unusual about Vanilla Ice, considering his genre of music?


  1. What Fresh Prince made his debut in the 1990s?


  1. What event happened in 1992 that sparked riots in LA?


  1. What was the name of the white truck driver assaulted during the LA Riots?


  1. How many people lost their lives in the LA Riots?


  1. What future Supreme Court Justice was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill and

was the subject of a congressional hearing?

1990s Slide Project (due 05/16/18)


1990’s Topic Presentation Assignment

Today’s agenda order:

  1. Pick a partner to work with on a 1990’s topic presentation. You may also go

solo and do all the work yourself.

  1. Each group will blind pick one index card with a number on it. This

number will determine the order in which we choose topics.

  1. When your group index card number is called, your group will

identify the topic you want. (You can create a topic not on the list with a reasonable explanation to me as to why you’ll want to do that topic.)


  1. Get a chromebook and begin researching your topic.
  2. Create a google slides presentation with your topic and last name

as the file name. (Ex: “Bill Clinton Presidency – Thomas/Smith)

  1. Share that presentation with me. (“Mark Sikora”)
  2. Begin a 10 slide presentation that covers the most important

aspects of your topic.

  1. Each slide should only have images or small video clips
  2. IF you choose to add some text to the slides, ONLY use bullet points.
  4. Remember to keep asking yourself the following as you prepare each slide: “What does this have to do with my topic?” “How/why is this important to my topic/1990’s?”




  1. Operation Desert Storm/Persian Gulf War
  2. Presidency of Bill Clinton (Successes/failures/biggest scandals)
  3. World Wide Web/The Internet
  4. Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement & impact
  5. Rodney King Beating/LA Riots
  6. Hurricane Andrew
  7. 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
  8. Branch Davidian Compound, Waco Texas
  9. Oklahoma City Bombing/Timothy McVeigh
  10. Somalia & American Soldiers Dragged Through the Streets
  11. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy Policy (LGBTQ history)
  12. NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
  13. Reality TV
  14. The Bulls & Michael Jordan (you can just call him The GOAT)
  15. Sports Teams of the 1990s/Athletes
  16. Rap “Wars”/Battle (East Coast vs. West Coast, Biggie vs. 2Pac)
  17. Osama Bin Laden declares war on America
  18. OJ Simpson Trial/Acquittal
  19. 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia
  20. Ellen DeGeneres “comes out” on TV
  21. Dolly, The Sheep, first cloned mammal
  22. Columbine School Shooting
  23. Music of the 1990s
  24. The Y2K fear/Y2K bug


Timeline & Deadline



  1. Have your partner and topic picked and using the chromebooks/textbooks to



  1. Finishing research and piecing together your slide presentation in

preparation for your presentations.

REMINDER: No lengthy or wordy sentences in your presentation. Images should be the center of the slides…Your presentation will do the “talking”.


  1. Presentations begin. Each partner is responsible for equally participating. So,

5 slides per person makes sense, right?


  1. Presentations continued/completed. If you aren’t here to present on Thursday

or Friday, you will have to arrange to give your presentation after school on Monday or Tuesday of next week.


Grading Criteria

  1. Preparation      /20 (10 pts/day)

If you don’t share your presentation with me when you begin working (Tuesday), I cannot monitor your progress and will assume you are not working.

  1. Each of the slides contains ample amounts of information and are relevant to

the topic:             /20

  1. Presentation style of the presenters/Accuracy of info:            /20

– each group member equally participates in presenting/explaining the topic to

the class. Articulate, clear understanding of the topic, etc.

  1. Attentiveness during other presentations:            /20

If you are distracted during others presentations (on your phone,

headphones in, head down, sleeping, talking, other behaviors unbecoming)…you forfeit ALL OF THESE POINTS! (And it happens every year…don’t be the one…or two…or three.)

Total:                                /80