Native American Conversations (09/30/16)

Chief Debate – Local History

We are still here –

Chief Illiniwek Last Dance – – Life on a Navajo Reservation (we watched this in class on Friday 09/30/16 with a question sheet.


Current Issue of North Dakota Pipeline – Background and Video


Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Assignment (09/29/16)

For this viewing assignment, we will be watching Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee and students have the option of two assignments as listed below.

  1.  Burymyheartatwoundedkneeassignment- This is the more difficult of the two but holds a higher value.

The next two go together and they are the easier option for normal value.

2B. Burymyheartatwoundedkneeviewingquestionspt-2

2A.  Burymyheartatwoundedkneeviewingquestionspt-1