Western Frontier Class Slides and Questions

Ch. 13 – Settling the West

Chapter 13 Quiz study guide from Powerpoint




Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Video – Part I


What Battle is depicted at the beginning of the movie?


Who was considered by President Grant and his advisors to be a “fool” for his slaughter at this battle?


What did the government want from Chief Red Cloud and the Oglala Sioux Indians?


How did General Miles insult Chief Sitting Bull?  What was the result?


Where did Chief Sitting Bull take his people?


Under what conditions did the Mounties say that Chief Sitting Bull and his people, the Lakota Sioux, would be permitted to live on Canadian soil?


Give several examples of how Native Americans were either choosing to, or begin forced to assimilate into white American culture.


What name did the Native American boy in the classroom choose as his Christian name?


Why did Chief Sitting Bull “whip” the two young boys?


What was the government’s new plan to get a hold of the black hills region of the Sioux lands?  Did this pass?


Chief Sitting Bull = Lakota Sioux

Chief Red Cloud = Oglala Sioux


*Same nation (Sioux), different tribes.

Name: Date: Period:


Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Video – Part 2


How did Sitting Bull feel about assimilation?


What was the biggest “killer” of the Sioux on the reservation?


When “Charles Eastman” arrived at the Standing Rock Reservation he saw a sign that read “Every man a chief”, why did this appear to disturb him?


What were conditions like for the Sioux at the Standing Rock Reservation?


A Plains Indian prophet named Wovoka comes to the Sioux and encourages them to participate in the “Ghost Dance”.  What did they believe would happen by evoking the spirits with this ritual?


Senator Henry Dawes returns to the Sioux with a new offer for their land, what was this new offer?


How did Chief Red Cloud respond to Chief Sitting Bull’s refusal to agree with Senator Dawes’ offer?


What ultimately happened to Chief Sitting Bull?


What happened at Wounded Knee Creek shortly after Sitting Bull’s arrest?


What job did Henry Dawes get for “Charles Eastman”?  Why do you think Charles was unable to complete this job?



Option 2

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Sikora – US History


  • Choose any of the main characters (Charles Eastman, Henry Dawes, Red Cloud, Elaine Goodale, Agent McGlaughlin, Sitting Bull) and write an overall biographical sketch from the beginning to the end of the film.
  • Complete the following chart



Event Definition Your chosen character’s

feelings concerning the event


Little Big Horn


Dawes Act


Indian Schools


Reservation System


Wounded Knee Creek



  • In Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, HBO attempted to show the finale of the Indian Wars in a more realistic light (ie more inclusion of the Lakota Sioux’s point of view).  Some believe, however, that they not only failed, but actually did more damage with the film.  Cite two (2) items from the film that defends that position.



The West Class Slides (09/15/17)

Unit 2 study guide from Powerpoint 

The West

US History


  • The West is the area of the United States between the ______________ ______________ and the _____________ __________________.
  • What attracted the first wave of settlers to the West?




  • What is the difference between placer mining and quartz mining?




  • What was Henry Comstock’s “big strike in Nevada”?




  • Why was it common for settlements to shift from “boomtown” to “ghost town”?




  • What were Vigilance Committees (Vigilantes)?




  • Why was the sluice more efficient than panning   for precious minerals?




  • What attracted newcomers to present-day states of Colorado, North / South Dakota  and Montana?




  • How was the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle different from cattle in the East?




  • What 2 developments gave ranchers reason to round up longhorns?




  • Why do you think the destination cities at the end of the cattle trails are all located along railroad lines?




  • What was the Long Drive?




  • How did heavy investment in the cattle industry affect the industry as a whole?




  • What is the name of this assignment?
  • What geographic factors created challenges to the settlement of the Great Plains in the late 1800s?




  • What factors attracted settlers to the Great Plains?




  • What did the Homestead Act provide for settlers in the Great Plains region?




  • What kind of inventions and new farming methods revolutionized agriculture in the Great Plains region?




  • Where is the Wheat Belt region located?




  • Why did farmers fall on hard times?




  • What was the Oklahoma Land Rush?




  • In what ways were different groups of Plains Indians similar?




  • Why did settlers and Native Americans clash throughout the Great Plains region?




  • What proposal did the Indian Peace Commission present to the Plains Indians?



In Class Viewing (09/13/17) – The West

“America: The Story of Us – Heartland”

Video Guide

  1. What was the biggest obstacle in the way of building the transcontinental railroad?
  2. Who were the two companies that built the railroad?
  3. How does the federal government pay for the railroad?
  1. Why were Chinese workers chosen to build the railroad?


  1. What happened on May 10, 1869?
  2. Where does the railroad trigger a mass migration to?
  3. How much of America’s land is given away under the Homestead Act?
  4. List several obstacles or challenges for settlers. (Get at least 5)
  5. What happened to half the population of western Nebraska by 1892?
  6. What happens to the Great Plains?
  7. What is “green gold”?
  8. Why do so many people come from Norway to America?
  9. How many buffalo were roaming the Great Plains in the 1800’s?
  10. What new hunter arrives on the Great Plains?


  1. Why is there conflict between white people and Indians over the buffalo?


  1. How did the horse change the Indian way of life?
  2. For what purpose did the cowboy develop?
  3. Where did the Texas Longhorn come from?
  4. What invention will threaten the cowboy’s way of life?
  5. What happened to the open range?
  6. How long did the “hay day” of the cowboy on the open range last?
  7. Where do most Indians wind up living as settlers moved west?
  8. What happened to Lt. Col. George Custer and his men?
  9. What happened on December 29, 1890?
  10. How did the railroad change time?
  11. How did Richard Sears change the way Americans shopped?

09/11/01 Revisited – Extra Credit

Outside of class today (09/11/17) students should watch the following documentary concerning the events of September 11, 2001.  Students are asked to bring in only one article concerning any topic related to the event.  Due 09/15/17.  That article must adhere to the following parameters…

  1.  Published from a reputable news source within the last 2 years.
  2. A copy of the article must be provided (online link will suffice)
  3. A document analysis based on the sample below.

Image result for sample document analysis rubric


Unit 1 – Reconstruction Exam Study Guide (09/11/17)

The Exam will cover the following items.

13th, 14th, 15th Amendments

Reconstruction (1865-1877)

Lincoln’s 10% Plan

Andrew Johnson’s Plan for Reconstruction

Republican Wade-Davis Bill

Radical Republicans

Thaddeus Stevens

Black Codes

Jim Crow Laws

Poll taxes, literacy tests, Grandfather Clause, gerrymandering

KKK and Redeemers

Election of 1876

Military Reconstruction

Ida B Wells

W.E.B. DuBois

Booker T. Washington

Thomas Nast

Explain the impact of Reconstruction on today’s society.