Cities, Immigration Class Work 10/19/16

Student will use US History textbook in class to complete the following.

Section 2.4

  1. Read pages 98-104 and answer the Assessment questions (1-5) on page 104.
  2. Read pages 105-110 and answer the Assessment questions (1-5) on page 110
  3. Turn in at the end of the hour

If you were absent for any reason, you must check out a text to make up the work.

Native American Conversations (09/30/16)

Chief Debate – Local History

We are still here –

Chief Illiniwek Last Dance – – Life on a Navajo Reservation (we watched this in class on Friday 09/30/16 with a question sheet.

As follow up to the 30 Days episode we will be doing a brief in class research on a current topic of your choosing.

Step 1 – Have a topic that no one else has.

Step 2 – Create a 5 Google slide show that explains the following (The issue, the history behind the issue, how the issue became a modern concern, what is currently being done to address the issue, where you forecast the issue will go)

Step 3 – Share your work with immediately

Step 4 – Present your work in class (Wednesday 10/05 and Thursday 10/06)



Current Issue of North Dakota Pipeline – Background and Video