Vietnam Material 03/16/16

WSVietnam Slides 1

WF Veteran reveals Vietnam through football Analysis

Our class watched the first 30 minutes of the Dick Cavett explanation about the early parts of the Vietnam conflict

We also viewed the Vietnam in HD, episode 3 ( Tet Offensive video with question sheet (a general note taking sheet is an acceptable replacement)

Vietnam in HD Episode 3 WS

To complete the unit, we also watched episode 6 – Peace With Honor (

Vietnam in HD Episode 6 WS


1960s Presentation

1960s The Era of Change Project 2

4th Hour Groups

1. Grace Whittington, Ninia Leshoure (Music and Media)

2.  Hope Hopkins, Deepak Kumar, James Williams (Vietnam)

3. Amani Congleton, Taylor Williams, Shanaya Netter (Civil Rights)

4. Justin Dixon, Jean Karlo Feliciano (Inventions, Science, and Technology)

5. Andre Gordon, Leo Hall, Javon Stevenson (Sports and Leisure)

6. Felicite Mufuta, Makaya Moisette, Isaac Markland (Pop Culture)

7. Tyler Ronk, Brian Thomas, Hakeem Harvey Robinson (Cold War)


7th Hour Groups

1. Nathanael Thompson, Jacob Broga, Matthew Broga (Sports and Leisure)

2. Jane Liao, Tamara Griffin, Rick Posey, Tashianna Williams (Cold War)

3. Jenna Patrick, Hayrene Ebes, Gerardo Juarez (Inventions, Science, Technology)

4. Bailey Logsdon, Christen Hutchison, Victoria Ruggles, Mallory Porter (Pop Culture)

5. Chi Lu, REmy Samiknha, Chris Arreola, Manny Russell (Vietnam)

6. Michael Pearson, Gina Huss, Adonis Felton (Civil Rights)

7. Gavin Goddard, Dreshianna Bishop, Claire Mallore, Bryant Killion Boyer (Music and Media)