Title IX Articles and Worksheet 4/20

If absent on 4/20: Pick 1 article, make a copy of the GoogleDoc below, read the article and answer the questions. Share it with kelsaymc@u4sd.org to turn in,


In Support of:

  1. http://www.chronicle.com/article/40-Years-of-Title-IX-/132311/
  2. https://www.nwlc.org/sites/default/files/pdfs/nwlcathletics_titleixfactsheet.pdf

In Opposition of:

3. http://archive2.mrc.org/node/28638

4. https://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2012/06/22/title-ixs-dark-legacy

Document to write on: https://docs.google.com/a/u4sd.org/document/d/1OALCzcMyBB9nXoJ6_HrrcwRtUfrPKOy3CebOfolm0TQ/edit?usp=sharing

(Make a copy on google docs titled: Your Name, Title IX)


Class Topics and resources from 04/23 – 04/27

  1.  1970s – Second Wave of Feminism

    The Women’s Rights Movement

    pgs. 526-530

    1. When was the first wave of feminism in the United States?  What was accomplished in that wave?
    1. What was considered the “good life” for women in the 1950s?
    1.  What were two major factors that influenced the birth of the women’s movement in the 1960s and 1970s?
    1.  What silent question did Betty Friedan lay out in her book, The Feminine Mystique?
    1.  What employment problems were women experiencing in the 1950s and 1960s?
    1.  What were the two platform goals of the National Organization for Women (NOW)?
    1.  What was the goal of the 1970s Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)?
    1.  Describe two methods used by Feminists to raise society’s awareness of women’s issues?
    1.  What is something we should always remember about Gloria Steinam?
    1.  Who was Phyllis Schlafly and what was her role in the ERA movement?
    1.  Define Title XII (7) of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 –
    1.  Define EEOC –
    1.  Define Title IX –
    1.  What have been two major consequences of the implementation of Title IX since the 1970s?
    1.  Which case has been considered the most important to many feminists in the 1970s?
    1.  How has the situation of women in the workplace changed in the last 50 years?  Which things have stayed the same?
    1.  What are some examples of  women’s issues in your time?  
  2. Video pieces used in class and can be used as a reference point.

Using Mr. Sikora’s Netflix account, students looked at CNN’s The Seventies (Television Get Real and Battle of the Sexes).


3.  Nixon’s notable Domestic and Foreign Policy concepts. (pgs. 542-552)

Alternate Viewing Assistance



1970s OPEC issue – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiLnj5WD0ao



Watergate – CNN’s The United States vs. Richard Nixon


Wake Forest Vietnam Veteran and Football Analysis (04/17/18) plus the Vietnam Quiz on Quizizz (due by 04/19/18, 8 am)

747032 – join.quizizz.com

WF Veteran reveals Vietnam through football Analysis

History 652

Place your answer/analysis beneath the given excerpt

  1. There are some exceptions, such those students who are not physically fit to play football, and those students who are smart and are going to college, and those students who are the children of administration, school board, or other important citizens of the community.


  1. Your high school is a big 4A school.


  1. Your father and your older brothers were all on state championship teams from your high school.


  1. Your opponent in this game is a small, weak school, barely a 1A school. They are poorly equipped and enjoy little support from their fans.  This should be an easy VICTORY.


  1. We will be playing with a different set of rules than our opponents. We will not be allowed to pass!  All of our running plays must be up the middle, no running around the end!


  1. Also we will only be allowed to play between the hash marks on the field. This means breaks to the outside the hash marks, we can’t pursue them.  Now go out there and play your hearts out for a TIE!!



  1. Your team fights hard for 9 yards in three downs. Many of your players are injured getting those 9 yards.  The coach calls a time out!  The coach says that the school board has sent word that your team has to give those 9 yards back and start fourth and 10 on the original line of scrimmage.



  1. Near halftime, you notice a lot of your school’s fans and fellow students are moving to the other team’s side of the field and they start to cheer for the other team.  Even some of the school’s administrators and school board members start to cheer for the other team.



  1. Your girlfriend yells to you from the stand, “Dear John, I don’t like the way that are treating that other poor team!  By the way I am going to ride home with Jody from the band.”



  1. The head cheerleader for your team, Jane, goes to the other side of the field and starts to cheer for the other team.  She yells for you to quit playing for your team and to help the other team.  You see her posing for pictures with the other team. (hint – look up “Hanoi Jane”)



  1. During the game some of your fellow players are knocked out of bounds on the other team’s side of the field.  Instead of letting them come back into the game, the other team locks them in their locker room.



  1. When the team gets back on the bus to return to your school, you ask the coach about your fellow teammates who have not returned from the other team’s locker room.  Your coach demands the return of all of his players by the other coach.  The other coach says that he has returned all of your players and if he has a problem with that, talk to his school board.



  1. You are told that the best thing you can do is to forget about them.



  1. When you return to school, some of your fellow students and teachers say bad things about you, or worse they ignore you.  When you ask why…they tell you that it’s because you tried to WIN the football game instead of trying to TIE it.  No one will sit with you in the lunch room, your fellow students act as if you may go crazy and hurt them.  The only friends you have that understand how you feel are your fellow teammates.





Protest Music Assignment (4/08/18)

Rockin’ the World: Student Worksheet


  1. After our discussion about “message music”, including anti-war/pro-military songs, choose 1 song from the Vietnam era (approximately 1960-1975), and evaluate it with worksheet below. It does NOT have to be a song about the war but just from the time period. It can be about the war but does not HAVE to be.  
  2. THEN, choose one song from your era (1990’s-2018) that fits the description of “message music” and evaluate it the same way.   





Mood: How does this song make you feel?  What feeling do you think the musician was trying to express?  What kind of mood does the song convey?  What about the song contributes to this mood?

What is the topic of the song?

To whom (or what audience) is the song addressed?

What were the circumstances at the time the song was released?

What is the purpose of the song?  Does the song seem to be written in response to a specific event?

What issues, problems, or events are presented in the song?  Does this song suggest any solution(s) to the issues/problems addressed?


What points of view are revealed?


What portion of the song is fact?  What part is conjecture (opinion)?

How reliable is the information in the song?

What inferences, generalizations, and conclusions based on evidence can be drawn from the song?

How effective is this song as social protest?

Do any of the events, issues, or conclusions concern America today?


Where might the group find more information about the song and its content?

How might additional information differ from the content of the song?

Vietnam Material (03/14-03/30/18)

Chapter #10_ The Vietnam War Era (1954-1975) Sikora

Vietnam Class Slides

WF Veteran reveals Vietnam through football Analysis

Our class watched the first 30 minutes of the Dick Cavett explanation about the early parts of the Vietnam conflict

We also viewed the Vietnam in HD, episode 3 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9PnqsbsWJk)- Tet Offensive video with question sheet (a general note taking sheet is an acceptable replacement)

Vietnam in HD Episode 3 WS

To complete the unit, we also watched episode 6 – Peace With Honor (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz-nhp-zsbo)

Vietnam in HD Episode 6 WS